Mini Muay Thai Pad [WHITE/GOLD]

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Askari Mini Muay Thai Pad in White and Gold Design. Our Muay Thai Pads are made from 100% leather and top-of-the-line high density padding. The Muay Thai pad has a length of 30 cm and are smaller than usual thai pads. They are ideal to have for trips to completions or taking your pads outside the gym to train outside. They will take less space in your bag and weight less than usual Thai pads. These pads feature padding under the wrist providing unparalleled wrist support for the pad holder. It comes with a Velcro arm lock which gives a great fit and convenience and allows for quick transitions from one training scenarios to the next.

✘ Perfect for competitions, easy to pack
✘ 100% Genuine Leather
✘ Comes in white & gold design

Type: Pads & Mitts

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