Interview with Lommanee W. Santai aka "KILLER ELBOW"

Lommanee W. Santai aka "KILLER ELBOW" - The #1 contender for the Lion Fight World Super Flyweight Champion Title.

Lommanee W. Santai is a world-class fighter who has shaken up the female super flyweight division both in Thailand and internationally. She is considered by many as one of the very best pound-for-pound female fighters in the world. Her amazing record of over 100 fights and multiple achievements speaks for itself. She is a 8x Thailand Champion, IFMA World Champion and WMC World Champion.

Now she has her mind set on the Lion Fight World title as she is confirmed as the co-main event at Lion Fight 59 on August 31st in Gothenburg. This is the promotion’s first visit to Scandinavia and the show has already been dubbed as Sweden’s most anticipated Muay Thai show of the year.

Lommanee is determined to bring back the belt to Thailand. However, she will be put up for a real challenge as she is to face-off with no other than the reigning champion, Amy Pirnie from Scotland. Another very well-known fighter who is also considered to be one of the very best female fighters in the world.

See what Lommanee has to say about her upcoming fight at Lion Fight 59:

In many peoples opinion, this is the female Muay Thai they been waiting for, the two of you have wins over pretty much every top fighter out there. What do you know about Amy Pirnie?

- I know Amy is the best female fighter at 50 kg, she knocked my friend Sandra out, so I will not underestimate her on this fight for sure.

Lion Fight has a history of setting the big fights up, this one will probably be up there with legendary fights like Simon Marcus / Artem Levin, Tiffany van Soest / Carey Reece, Toby Smith / Hamza Ngoto etc, what is your fight thoughts on this fight?

- I am excited to fight the best farang/westerner fighter, most of my fights are in Asia against top fighters.

How do you feel about fighting a farang, will the game plan and training be different from usual? What do you think separates Thai style from Western style muay thai?

- I think it's not different who I fight, thai or foreigners, the game plan is up to my trainers how we train because different opponent have different style, we must find a solution for each fight.

Who would you want to fight next, name your 3 dream opponents?

-It's up to the promotion, I'm happy to fight everyone in this weight class

What's your expectations on fighting in Sweden for the first time and do you have any message to the Swedish fans?

-I will do my best and bring the win home to Thailand and my gym W.Santai and to the Swedish fans, Thai people in Sweden, i need all the support I can get, please come to the show to support me, thank you!

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